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Best stores for a casual wedding dress

Best stores for a casual wedding dress

Hey gorgeous wedding lovers! So I wrote about choosing your wedding dress the other day, speaking from my experience working for 6 years as a bridal sales assistant!

Over that time working in bridal wear, I encountered many women who were just not into the whole wedding dress thing. For many of us, wearing a dress is just not part of every day life. Many women don't own a single dress, so wearing a formal gown just wouldn't be comfortable. What can also be difficult is coming to terms with is spending thousands of dollars on a dress you're only going to wear once, especially if you're on a small budget.

These reasons can encourage brides to hit the high street and look in their favourite stores for a wedding dress. There are some great options out there, and with Spring collections being released in high street stores up and down the country, this is the perfect time to look in your local shopping mall for a wedding dress.

This option is not going to be right for everyone, but it can be a great option for
- Registry office weddings
- Elopements
- Very small weddings
- Weddings at home

If you're thinking about this option, good for you! Honestly there's not much advice that you need - all you have to do is head out there and have a look!
Check out your favourite brands and labels and see what's coming out on their website. Some high street brands do sell formal dresses, but most would be considered a nice dress "for work" so check some places out online before you visit the store.

You might decide you still want your dress to look "bridal" and pick something white, or maybe in a soft pink tone. However there's no rule that says you have to wear white, you can wear whatever colour you choose!

This might be the perfect occasion to splash out and treat yourself to a beautiful dress from one of your favourite designers. You'll still be paying less than a wedding gown and you may well wear the dress again to other formal occasions.

What you will need to bear in mind is that people do like to make a special effort to get dressed for a wedding. It's likely your friends and loved ones will be visiting these same high street stores looking for something special to wear. Nobody wants to turn up to a wedding looking more formal than the bride, and as a lovely person I know you wouldn't want to embarrass anybody. That's why you might want to make clear to your guests not to dress formally if you aren't going to.

You might even find a beautiful bridesmaids dress that you'd like to wear for your wedding. I helped lots of women planning a small wedding, or who were on a tight budget by making a bridesmaids dress in ivory for their wedding. They're usually a lot simpler in design and a fraction of the price of a wedding gown. If your sales assistant is kind and understanding they'll be able to help you.

I've had a little rummage through some websites to get you started!

There are also a range of NZ designers who offer bridal services, they're perfect for a bride looking for a gorgeous and simple gown. 

RUBY - RUBY have a "Celebrations" line and will work with you to custom make a lovely dress, based on some of their popular styles.

Juliette Hogan - You can pop into the Juliette Hogan store in Newmarket and try on some of their classic styles. If you like a dress you can order one in your size at the shop. If you want something different, you can book a 30 minute appointment for $75. 

Annah Stretton- Offer ready to wear or custom made options for wedding dresses. You can contact their custom designs team for more information about wedding dresses.

Céline Rita - Céline's relaxed and modern designs perfect for a bride looking for a simple gown. They have a showroom in Auckland where you can see the dresses in person and try them on, or you can buy online.

Miss Crabb -Custom made from scratch based on their existing styles. Their appointment fee is $100 and this will be deducted off your gown if you purchase one. I'd suggest going into their retail store first to see if you like their general styles before booking an appointment.

Thanks so much for reading! Have you chosen something off the rack or high street for your wedding? Let me know in the comments!

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Wedding dress shopping advice from a Bridal Sales Assistant

Wedding dress shopping advice from a Bridal Sales Assistant