my name is Leah Pickering

I’m an Events Coordinator living and working in Auckland with my husband Matt. I spent six years working in bridal wear in Wellington and Auckland. I started this blog to share all that I learnt with people planning their wedding, or people who just love weddings!

In my spare time I love rummaging through op shops, catching up with friends for coffee and exploring all the hidden gems and walks in Auckland with Matt.

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About Rosemary & Twine

I started Rosemary & Twine in 2015 after 6 years working in the bridal industry.
I wanted a place to continue my passion for weddings, to promote creative NZ small business owners and to reconnect brides with what weddings are supposed to be about: Commitment, Community, Family and Love. These to me are the four words that a wedding is truly about, and what will make your marriage long, happy and absolutely magic.

I also don't believe you have to have a six-figure budget to create a beautiful wedding. If you know what you're doing, you can have a simple and beautiful wedding day even on a small budget. I have lots of great tips for you to save you money and a bit of sanity as well.

I hope this blog inspires you to plan your beautiful, simple wedding. Feel free to leave a comment or follow me on social media!